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What is Distilled Water Used For?

What is Distilled Water Used For?

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There are many great health benefits to drinking distilled water. It does a much better job of removing debris and bacteria than tap water, which itself is full of debris and bacterium. The distillation process removes dissolved minerals and toxic substances, making it an aggressive liquid. This means it is more prone to combining with and absorbing other substances. It moves through your body and absorbs all of the excess that needs to be removed, helping clean out your system and ridding you of unwanted debris.


Distilled water is used in many industries for sanitation. Dentist and medical offices need to sanitize equipment multiple times a day. When equipment needs to be sanitized, purified distilled water is much better than tap water as tap water is full of chemicals and minerals. Think of going to the dentist – do you want them to be using equipment washed in tap water, or would you rather they wash it in water free of potential contaminants and water-borne disease?

Distilled water is also used in the medical field not only for sanitation of equipment, but for cleaning out wounds and areas during surgery. This helps to prevent infections and ensures the highest level of safety for the patients.

It is also commonly used in chemical laboratories. When dissolving chemicals, the many impurities in tap water may cause reactions with the chemicals. Distilled water, however, is clean and helps to prevent any unexpected outcomes.

Everyday Use

Using purified water is necessary for many machines, such as humidifiers, C-paks (for sleep apnea), baby bottle warmers, and steam irons. Any mechanism that has a water vaporization process will benefit from using distilled water rather than tap water. Tap water, when vaporized, will leave behind many mineral and debris which can lead to build up within the machine. Also, any impurities in tap water that may vaporize with the water are now floating through the air ready for inhalation.

Distilled water is also great for use in watercooling systems. Like we can see in the Journey of Water, distilled water has fewer impurities and doesn’t close an electrical current like tap water does. So if something goes wrong with your watercooling system and you end up with a water leak, distilled water should lessen the possibility that electrical damage will be caused.

Some pets, such as the pacman frog, absorb the contaminants in water. The purpose of this is for them to absorb the minerals, but they are also absorbing the harmful pollutants and chemicals in regular tap water. Distilled water, with a proper amount of re-mineralization, is often used for pets and both fresh and salt-water fish tanks.

Distilled water is also great for cleaning. There are no minerals and salts in the water, so there are no streaks or spots when the water dries. Distilled water is often used at car washes for the final rinse of the car because it leaves behind less residue and gives a cleaner appearance.


Distilled water can be great for washing fruits and vegetables as well as cooking. The purity of the water makes the food taste better. Pastas and noodles will absorb more water, and spices will have more flavor because there is not anything to distract you from the delicious taste. Pesticides and chemicals are cleansed from the food, making it taste more natural. Try making your morning coffee with distilled water instead of tap water and see the difference for yourself!